The Ultimate Screen Printing Color Separation Bootcamp

Learn to confidently color separate any design with any number of colors. Gain all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become a master in color separation with this live online course.

What you will learn

Spot color

color separation

cmyk Process

simulated process
color separation

color separation

color separation

Course features

Live class

All the topics are taught live online, so you can clear your doubts immediately.

Project oriented

You can follow along with the exercise files. Additionally, you’ll receive extra practice files to enhance your knowledge of specific topics.

photoshop Actions

First, you’ll learn how to color separate designs correctly. Then, you’ll learn how to do it quickly. I’ll provide Photoshop actions to assist with color separating complex designs.

Course Reviews

Course lessons

Our lessons are one hour long, and you’ll have one lesson per day. You can practice what you’ve learned using exercise files. Before starting the next lesson, we’ll make sure you’ve understood everything well. We won’t move on until you’re ready.

Course pricing

The Ultimate Screen Printing Color Separation Bootcamp

The Complete Course
$ 499
  • Complete live online course
  • Exercise files are provided to follow along and practice
  • Photoshop actions worth $220 included
  • Live classes are recorded and provided


The software requirements for this course are Adobe Photoshop, preferably CS6 or a more recent version. This is because the actions we will use are not compatible with earlier versions. Additionally, a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator is necessary.

Yes. The course is completely one on one.

I mainly use Zoom and Discord.

It’s 50% upfront and the remaining 50% before starting the 16th lesson.

This course is designed to teach all the necessary skills to become a color separator, making it perfect for beginners. Along with essential techniques, the course includes training in design programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. However, even individuals with intermediate or advanced skills will benefit from this course as there is much to learn. If you’re looking to separate designs for your print shop or build a career in color separation, this course is an excellent choice. By the end of the course, beginners will become experts in the field.

This course includes all the LCS actions available in the Learn Color Separation store, including the paid actions.

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A few words from The Instructor

Venkatesh Krishnasamy

Learn Color Separation YT

“When I first started learning color separation, there weren’t any proper tutorials available. Buying a color separation program didn’t help since each design is different. Despite the challenge, I learned something new from every color separation job I did and learned from my mistakes. Now, after more than 8 years in the industry and having manually separated over 2000 designs, I’ve developed efficient and effective methods for color separation. Join this course to learn these methods in a short amount of time.”


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